Ayurveda Massage Oils & Powders

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Neelibringadi Special

Good oil for hair loss, premature greying, dandruff, and other hair problems.

Neelibringadi Thailam, the widely used and proven herbal oil for diseases affecting hair and scalp. It nourishes and moisturizes the hair follicles, which thereby prevents hair-fall and helps in the growth of hair. It also imparts blackish-glow to the hair and renders coolness to head and eyes. It also acts as best soothing effect on stressed minds and provides sound sleep.

To ensure abundant, dandruff free, healthy hair apply the oil on the scalp on alternate days. Neelibringadi hair oil gives luster, pleasant smell to hair and also restores healthy shine to hair.

Suggested Use: - Apply to head before bathing; leave for 20-30 minutes then wash

Karpooradi Oil

Used in healing wounds, ulcers, skin diseases, burns, etc.It also helps respiratory congestion, cramps, numbness and swelling. The oil provides instant relief from pain caused due to blunt injuries, arthritis and other chronic as well as acute disorders. Improves blood circulation and brings about warmth. It is used to relieve neck pain, back pain, and multiple joint pains.

Usage:-It is used as external massage oil & not used for internal administration.


Used as Ayurvedic massage oil that helps reduce aches, cuts, swelling in joints.It contains powerful healing properties used for application over fresh wounds, old non healing wounds. It quickens the process of wound healing.It also relieves pain and inflammation in fractures and sprains. Used externally over the affected areas of the body.


Warm the oil up slightly and then massage on the affected area well, and leave on for at least an hour before washing off.

Ingredients:-Pongamia pinnata, Erythrina variegate, Aloe barbadensis, Allium cepa, Piper betle, Moringa pterygosperma,Asparagus racemosus,Cocos nucifera

Mahanarayana Thailam

All body oil good for paralyzing diseases or traumas such as face paralysis, paraplegia, lock-jaw, neck or joint stiffness, and arthritis, degenerative neurological ailments, head ache and back ache. It relieves muscle and joint pain and promotes healthy muscles & tendons. It also improve flexibility and it is anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic.

Indication: This is very effective for relieving the pain. Vata and pitta types should just rub the oil on the surface, while kapha types should give a deeper massage to the area for some time.

Eladi Thailam

Used for Antifungal, Dermatological problems.

Eladi Thailam is an Ayurvedic hair oil used for skin conditions. A unique herbal formulation for the treatment of skin diseases. This oil helps to improve the luster of skin and protect the skin from diseases like allergic dermatitis, leucoderma, scaling, dryness etc.It is also used to improve skin complexion and texture. It is used for external application for skin detox treatment.


Dhanwantharam Thailam (For external use only)

Excellent Ayurvedic oil for neck pain, low back aches, and joint pains. It rejuvenates the body and skin and increases immunity. Dhanwantar oil is very useful in Panchakarama treatments for Paralysis, Rheumatism, Rheumatic pain, Sciatica, Neuralgia etc.It is used for pre and post natal care.

It can be used as massage or Shirodhara oil for Vata constitution people.

Sida cordifolia,Zizyphus jujube,Cedrus deodara,Boerhaavia diffusa,Terminalia bellerica,Withania somnifera, Glycerrhiza glabra,Emblica officinalis,Elettaria cardamomum,Asparagus racemosus Terminalia chebula,Cinnamomum Zeylanicum,Natural sesame oil as base.

Chandanadi Thailam


Chandanadi oil is useful for blood rheumatism, removes black spots from the face. It promotes the gentle elimination of toxins, improve the blood circulation, memory loss, and to nourish dry and dehydrated skin. It also helps in cases of arthritis and hypertension and, in addition, helps to relieve sleeplessness and nervous tension, controls-head and body heat .

Usage: Warm the oil, and apply over the scalp and body and massage for 10 minutes and take shower after 2 hours and also used for Shirodara.

Balaswagandhadi Thailam

It is used for strengthening the muscle tissue in weakness, wasting, excess sporting activity, impotence.It tones up the nerves and improves nerve conduction.


Natural Sesame oil as base,Cida cordifolia,Withania somnifera

Anu Thailam

Used for nasal and para nasal diseases such as Sinusitis, Headache. Anu thailam helps in relieving Migraine, Lock Jaw.It increases the freshness of the mouth., Sense organs become clean and efficient., Skin becomes devoid of wrinkles, grey hair and black patches.

Recommended Dosage:

Put 5-6 drops of oil in both nostrils, with a dropper, once a day


Dendrobium macraei,Cyperus rotundus,Solanum surratense,Desmodium gangeticum,Vetiveria zizanoides, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum,Berberis aristata,Aegle marmelos,Elettaria cardamomum,Sida cordifolia,Cedrus deodara,Glycerrhiza glabra,Asparagus racemosus,Embelia ribes,Natural sesame oil as base

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