Used for nasal and para nasal diseases such as Sinusitis, Headache. Anu thailam helps in relieving Migraine, Lock Jaw.It increases the freshness of the mouth., Sense organs become clean and efficient., Skin becomes devoid of wrinkles, grey hair and black patches.

Recommended Dosage:

Put 5-6 drops of oil in both nostrils, with a dropper, once a day


Dendrobium macraei,Cyperus rotundus,Solanum surratense,Desmodium gangeticum,Vetiveria zizanoides, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum,Berberis aristata,Aegle marmelos,Elettaria cardamomum,Sida cordifolia,Cedrus deodara,Glycerrhiza glabra,Asparagus racemosus,Embelia ribes,Natural sesame oil as base

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