Sesame Oil

Good massage oil that destroys problems caused by gases, bile and mucus. It cures gout, arthritis, muscle pain and swelling. Sesame oil has a sweet taste and a mild heating quality. It not only tones up the skin and improves the complexion, it relieves stress and strain. It also increases body energy and strength.Sesame oil is extensively used in Ayurveda for treating several chronic diseases like diabetes, hepatitis, and migraine. Sesame oil massage not only keeps the skin nourished and the hair luxurious but also helps to strengthen the joints.Sesame oil is an excellent skin moisturizer and skin softener. Sesame oil is safe oil for massage of babies and children. It helps to strengthen the bones, muscles and joints. Sesame oil is used for massage, Shirodhara, etc procedures which help to calm the mind and induce deep relaxation and helps to have natural sleep and relieves headache.

Ingredient:-Sesamum indicum seed oil

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