Vata Massage Oil

Vata Massage Oil

Massage oil for Vata constitution people .This unique herbal oil eliminates toxins and improves circulation and rest. It warms, lubricates and restores strength and calmness to the skin. It nourishes , sooth & moisten the dry and dehydrated skin, especially during the windy, dry and cold seasons.

Withania somnifera,Sida cordifolia,Aegle marmelos,Stereospermum suvaeolens,Solanum sp.,Solanum indicum,Tribulus terrestris,Azadirachta indica,Boerhaavia diffusa,Uraria picta,Oroxylum indicum, ,Acorus calamus,Rock salt,Cedrus deodara,Desmodium gangeticum,Valeriana walichi,Asparagus racemosa,Natural Sesame oil as base.

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