Navara Tailam (100ml)

Navara Tailam

Traditional Ayurveda proposes navara as the most effective medicine for skin glow and complexion.Ayu:care navara thailam is a classical Ayurvedic medicinal preparation with navara extract and njavara rice as its major ingredients.

Therapeutic components in it stimulate the nerve and increases blood flow by which the muscles get enriched and there by supplement glow and fairness to the skin .it is highly effective to check skin loosening and fade due to aging and evades skin dryness and roughness. it remove skin discoloration and give smoothness to the skin. Regular usage of navara tailam for a time period of 3 months would attribute your skin, texture , glow and smoothness effectively avoiding worries of aging.


Apply navara tailam gentily on your skin and wash it off afer 15 minutes only once a day

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