Vaji Tailam (50ml)

Vaji Tailam

Ayur veda refers vajikarana as the ideal therapy for the enhancement of vigor and enthusiasm to relish the optimum pleasure in married life. Today,due to various psychic and other health related reasons several men are unable to enjoy sexual pleasure in life. For them vaji is the ideal solution to regain the zest of life.

Vaji tailam is a combination of medicated oils described in ayurvedic classical texts for the functional improvement of male gentile organ . Vaji tailam is a purely herbal formulation without side effects. It stimulates the nerves and thus increases the blood flow towards the organ, which may provide harder erection It also strengthens the muscles and increases the duration of coitus. Vaji tailam is highly beneficial for those who have lack of strength, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and lack of desire related with life style disorders such as diabetes, hyper tension, cholesterol, cardiac disease and obesity.


Apply 5-7ml vaji oil gently on the male genital organ and give mild massage and let remain for minimum 15 minutes. Then thoroughly wash with clean water.


The suggested regular course for vaji tailam is three bottles in one month

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